📦 Repository: http://git.io/homelab


What the heck is a homelab?

So what exactly is a homelab? Simply put, a homelab is a sandbox where you can learn, play around in, and experiment with new and unfamiliar technologies. They can be as simple as a set of virtual machines to something as complex as a server rack (or even racks!). There are many uses such as self-hosting services, game servers, media servers, storage, web hosting, virtualization, networking, certifications, infrastructure tools, security software, etc.

See also: https://www.reddit.com/r/homelab/wiki/introduction

TL;DR: some metal boxes and blinky lights that occasionally get out of hand.

Homelab Services

This is a list of all the services that I have running on my homelab.


<aside> 💡 I also have a test server at the domains ifstatementsarejust.ml and ifstatementsarenot.ml where I deploy and test my latest homelab changes before moving them into production at aeoly.us. All the services are there with the same subdomains.


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